We offer custom field trips, adaptable to the specific needs of your group; be it a simple tour, a day trip, or an overnight stay with local organic meals included! An educational tour of the farm costs just $20 per person and can last up to 2 hours, depending on how many questions you ask! The prices for more involved visits vary depending on many factors and we encourage you to contact us so that we can work together to create the most beneficial experience for everyone involved.

Contact to arrange a tour.

Upcoming Educational Farm Tours!

Saturday, February 4th: 9am – 11am

Saturday, March 4th: 9am – 11am


We offer a limited amount of work-study positions at East End Eden. Our work study program is designed for self-motivated individuals who are invested in community living, regenerating land and who have a desire for personal development.

Our farm and education center is equipped with a huge library of reading material on all aspects of permaculture, daily community meals, a total permaculture immersion, access to on-site classes, apprenticeship and fun!


– 20 hours per week required

– $20 for food per week

– Variable options for accommodation depending on availability

– Hot Shower

– Outdoor composting toilet

– 3 miles from town

– High-speed internet (limited use)

– Daily community meals

– Weekly farm meeting

– General diet of whole unprocessed foods: high fat, quality grass fed meats and cheeses; organic produce

(can be flexible with your dietary needs)

At this time we are not accepting new work-study positions but please fill out an application to be placed on our waiting list.