Ojai Permaculture Resources

Food for Thought (FFT) was organized by a group of concerned parents, educators and growers who first came together in the spring of 2002 to improve the nutritional status and food awareness of children in the Ojai Unified School District (OUSD).

With the help of their committed staff, board, volunteers and donors, our program has helped to raise awareness of the importance of healthy childhood nutritional practices, and the integral role of agriculture in our community, encouraging students to reconnect to the land and environment that sustains them. https://foodforthoughtojai.org

The CRA’s focus is on projects which promote regenerative organic agricultural practices. In addition to their recurring projects they also host and promote speakers and workshops. http://www.ojaicra.org/

Aaron is offering somatic therapy and energetic healing sessions, individual and group private yoga classes, and astrology readings for new and existing clients.

The non-profit Ojai Valley Grange has members with a great diversity of interests that bring them to the Grange, from keeping livestock to gardening, theatre, art, ecology, cooking, and home improvement.  They host a variety of classes, speakers, community meetings, film showings, dances and other events here at the hall, and rent it out to whomever may need it for parties, concerts, community gatherings or to teach dance, music or exercise classes. http://ojaivalleygrange.com/

The National Grange, found in 1867, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, fraternal organization that advocates for rural America and agriculture. With a strong history in grassroots activism, family values, and community service, the Grange is part of more than 2,100 hometowns across the United States. http://grangefuture.org/

NuMundo (www.numundo.org) is a transformational travel directory that connects people to meaningful travel experiences to facilitate personal growth and accelerates the development of impact centers. Through a searchable database of permaculture education centers, retreat centers and ecovillages, we provide a platform for centers to promote their offerings and for passionate travelers to find the opportunity that matches their interest or desire.

Republic of Light is a holistic media collective recreating the form of storytelling towards the re-evolution of human consciousness by proposing new genres and ways of making and releasing films. These creations support social needs and document the reality of today for continuous evolution reflecting upon coexistence, collaboration, respect for life and death, manifestations of consciousness and the mind liberation from dysfunctional paradigms. The movement is now-here, serving as a vehicle for emerging change.

Poco Farm is a small, regenerative learning farm in Meiner’s Oaks, CA. They teach and learn from students young and old about farming, homesteading, goats, chickens, and traditional skills. http://www.pocofarmhouse.com/

We create landscapes that produce abundant food as a byproduct of ecosystem restoration. By working with natural patterns including water flow and microclimates we can design hyper resilient landscapes that withstand extremes in weather and climate, and mitigate storms and droughts. http://sborganics.com/

The Ojai Valley Green Coalition is a gathering of residents and friends of the Ojai Valley actively working together to create an environmentally sustainable community in Ojai.

In the spirit of “think globally, act locally,” we exist to educate ourselves and others about ecological issues; to promote sustainable practices to our local businesses and organizations; to advocate environmental responsibility as a priority to our elected officials; and to bring green consciousness into our lives and our homes. http://ojaivalleygreencoalition.com/

Mano Farm is certified organic seed and produce farm located in Ojai, California. They farm year-round, emphasizing the use of human labor and hand tools. Once a year they offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships to residents of the Ojai Valley. Their seeds are available through our sister company, All Good Things Organic Seeds. 

Their farming methods are aimed at improving the health of the soil through the use of compost, cover cropping, crop rotations, and light amendments of our custom organic fertilizer blend. They do not use insecticides and pesticides on their land. Mano Farm do not use Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) seeds or grow GMO crops of any kind. 

Bee Keeping and Bee Appreciation Club for Enthusiasts in the Ojai Valley and Surrounding Area. http://www.ojaibeeclub.com/

Promoting sustainable stewardship of land, food and water resources, while protecting the natural environments of the Ojai Valley. http://sustainableojai.org/